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Top Blogging Sites in South Africa: Where to Get Started Right Now

There are many blogging sites in South Africa to choose from, but not all of them are created equally. This blog post will review the top three blogging sites, and help you decide which one is right for your needs. 

WordPress has been around for a long time now, and it’s still going strong because it offers so many great features that make it easy to create a beautiful website or blog through its intuitive interface. 

Tumblr is well-known for being an excellent social media platform that makes sharing posts on the web much easier than other platforms like Facebook or Twitter can be sometimes. 

Medium is an up-and-coming site that focuses specifically on storytelling in order to generate more interest in whatever topic you’re trying to share with your audience.

Let us look at each in detail.

Blogging Sites in South Africa: WordPress .com is a great option for those just getting started with blogging in South Africa because it’s free and easy to use. 

You can sign up, set up your blog in minutes, write posts right away, start customizing the look of your site using themes or plugins, and publish content whenever you want without worrying about server space issues or having to pay for hosting.

You can also choose the domain you want, so if you have a .com or .org domain name that’s already taken with another site, you don’t have to worry about losing your search engine rankings. 

You can set up custom email addresses through Gmail or Yahoo too! 

The biggest downside of WordPress is it doesn’t allow any type of customization which could affect SEO results unless you are willing to use plugins and code snippets but this may not be something every blogger wants to deal with. 

WordPress has over 60 million users worldwide and nearly 15% of all websites on the internet run on it making it one of the most trusted blogging platforms out there today according to WPBeginner. 

Blogging Sites in South Africa: Blogger

Blogger is technically owned by Google, but you don’t need to use your Gmail account. 

It’s free to create a blog on Blogger and there are no ads or premium upgrades needed to get started blogging right away.

You can also easily import content from other blogs so if you have years of posts over at WordPress it will only take minutes to move them all over with their quick blogger importer tool. 

The biggest downside of using Blogger as your main domain name because it’s just too generic which may harm SEO rankings in the long run unless you build up lots of backlinks pointing towards that site address specifically through guest posting for example. 

Blogging Sites in South Africa: Medium

Medium is a free blogging platform that’s actually been made by one of the founders of Twitter. 

It has many great features including custom URLs, stunning imagery support to make your posts pop with full-width images and videos, an iOS app to stay connected on the go anytime you want, easy embeds for sharing links to other content from YouTube or Vimeo right in your post without leaving Medium itself to check out what you’re linking too first.

And it also makes it super simple for people to discover new content they might enjoy based on categories or search terms using their explore feature which Google doesn’t have built into their blog hosting options yet.

The downside of using Medium as your main domain name

There are no public stats available about how much traffic each article gets when you share it through social media or email for example because Medium is all about privacy and protecting user data which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but worth noting.

Blogging Sites in South Africa: Linkedin

You can also create a blog on Linkedin which is great for professionals and business owners who want to share helpful content with their network. 

It’s easy to set up, free, comes with custom URLs so you can choose the name of your site rather than adding another link in the footer of every post where it says “Published at” by default.

But one downside is that there are no images or videos allowed unless they’re from your own Linkedin profile so you can’t embed YouTube clips or images from external sources.

However, if you have an existing professional network already using Linkedin then this may be a better option because it allows them to easily subscribe through email straight from their feed while reading what you publish without needing too many notifications.

Blogging Sites in South Africa: Tumblr

Tumbler is another of the best free blogging sites in South Africa that’s been gaining popularity over the years. 

It has a really unique layout and design compared to other platforms because it focuses on hyperlinking within your posts rather than using traditional blog post categories or tags for example.

This makes them easier to browse through when you’re looking up inspiration or want something quick and easy to digest quickly while checking out new blogs every week.

It also features great customization options so you can add an image (or video) as the background of any page without having to look cluttered with unnecessary sidebars or widgets getting in your way plus there are no ads showing unless they come from Tumblr itself such as their recommended content section near the end of the page.

However, Tumblr is a bit more limited when it comes to customization because you can’t change much without altering your whole theme.

Or having an expert designer create something custom for you which isn’t cheap especially if they have programming knowledge too.

So this may not be worth it unless you’re willing to spend extra money on top of what’s already being charged by other blogging platforms in South Africa out there that offer similar features and functionality as Tumbler.  


The top three blogging sites are WordPress, Blogger, and Medium. 

If your main concern is SEO rankings then go with WordPress so people can find your blog easier via search engines in South Africa over time.

Whereas if you want to drive traffic back to the site quickly from other websites without worrying too much about ranking in Google PPC ads would be a better option since they have their own ad system built into the platform already that’s free to use too! 

Either way, any of these platforms will work fine as long as you’re willing to put in some effort making them rank high organically for your chosen keywords.

If you are looking for something professional and a way to start making money blogging in South Africa, consider registering a domain name and get a hosting space.

Our packages start from R60 per month.

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