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Cloud Backup Software in South Africa

Last updated on July 27th, 2020 at 11:37 am

Cloud Backup Software in South Africa

Cloud Backup Software in South Africa: Losing all you’ve worked so hard to build is the last thing you want for your business. When you fail to backup your company’s data however, you risk having it all go down the drain.

Whether it’s a power outrage, or a hardware breakdown, a disaster could occur at anytime. With a cloud backup software, you need not worry about any catastrophic event.

Cloud backup is the ultimate solution to having your critical files kept and monitored from a safe place. The service enables you store data offsite, that is, on the internet through a service provider.

With cloud backup, your flagged files are automatically saved to a cloud depending on the schedule you choose. When you make any edits to files, the changes are also made on the cloud.

Top-quality encryption is used to ensure all your information is secure. Besides disaster recovery, you enjoy anywhere accessibility with cloud backup. All you’ll need to do is sign up with a cloud backup provider and install the software on your device(s).

The following are companies that offer cloud backup software in South Africa:

Truehost Cloud

At just R76.00 per month, you can get cloud backup for your personal computer. Other options include the VPS and VM cloud backup at R136.80 per month and Servers backup at R364.80 per month.

Cloud Backup Solution

Cloud Backup Solution will backup upto 20GB of your data at a fixed rate of R120 per month. The next storage tier, 20GB to 250GB goes for R39 monthly per 10 GB stored while the highest tier, above 250GB is priced at R36 monthly per 10GB stored.

Host Africa

A leading internet service provider, Host Africa also provides cloud backup as a service. At R249 per month, you get to backup up 150 GB of data. The package comes with an autobackup check.

With just R78 per month, you can store your company’s files with The package allows up to 1GB files and 5 devices.

Data Keepers

Just like the name suggests, Data Keepers will keep your files on their server. At R79 per month, you can backup 20GB worth of data.

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