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Here Are Domains Pricing in South Africa

Last updated on February 15th, 2021 at 10:35 am

Accessing a specific piece of information on the worldwide web can feel like looking for a pin in a forest if you do not have the domain name. Adequate knowledge on domains pricing South Africa is therefore a strategic way to ensure that users can easily get access to you.  

What is a domain?

A domain name is basically an address that readers type into their web browsers to access your site. Spending your money on a good domain ensures that users recognize you more easily on the vast web.

Most domains either start with https or www and end with an extension such as .com, .net, .edu, and so many others.

A complete domain would look like or

In other instances, you will find a domain that also has a subdomain. This is a prefix that categorises a domain and would look like:

What Is an Internet Protocol (IP) Address?

We cannot talk about domains without understanding what an Internet Protocol is.

Every computer has a unique IP address that has numerals separated by periods, for example, 76.347.6.357. Computers use these numbers to communicate with each other on the net.

These numbers distinguish each computer from many others that are connected to the internet.

In a phone contact list analogy, when dialling someone, you search their name instead of their phone number. In this case, the phone number is like the IP address and the name is like the domain name.

Importance of having a Domain

Let us find out why you should spend your money in purchasing a domain.

  • It adds credibility to your business by making it look professional regardless of the size.
  • It increases the mobility to your internet presence since you can transfer it to another host whenever you change your service provider.
  • A good domain name helps build your brand as it increases the awareness of your brand especially if it matches your company name.
  • A creative domain name can attract walk-in business. This happens when your domain name matches the concept of what you do.
  • It portrays you as a forward-thinking person.

What to Consider When Selecting a Domain Extension

Firstly, consider the purpose of your website, is it an online store, an informative blog, or an advocacy site? Understanding the heart of your business will help you become more objective in exploring domains pricing, South Africa.

Mostly, these questions help you derive a the most accurate domain extension. Below is a description of what various domain extensions refer to:

  • .com this is a short form of Commercial. It is a good addition for commercial businesses, personal and non-personal blogs, profit companies and more. Due to its generality, any kind of website can be accepted as a .com.
  • .net is a short form of Network and is usually associated with sites that are a home to a range of smaller sites. They common among internet infrastructure, internet providers and email services.
  • .org stands for Organisation and sites with this extension are normally associated with charities, non-profits, and any other organisation that wants to drive traffic but not for commercial purposes.
  • .gov stands for Government and such sites are exclusively for the government and its departments.
  • .edu is for Education thus relevant for universities, schools, or any other educational institution. This gives them some sense of command in that field.

What influences the cost of the domain you choose?

Domains pricing South Africa varies quite much. Here is why.

  1. The domain company you choose.

A domain registrar or company has the authorisation to register and sell domains. All of them have their own pricing plans which makes it impossible to have a standard pricing for domains.

In selecting one of these companies, ensure that you check their credibility and then their pricing. If you find any of them questionable, a great option would be to check out Truehost.

They have the best part is that they are not only one of the best domain providers, but they also have some of the most affordable pricing plans you can come across.

Key to note

A domain registrar who offers supplementary packages together with the domain, like free DNS management, and a free website builder will save you a lot of money and should therefore be your go to!

  • Domain add-ons

Together with domain names, some registrars may provide some more services like domain privacy at small amount.

This cost is independent of the hosting expenses and therefore you choose whether you want this added cost or not. Not that it is not a must for you to add this.

  • The duration you plan to keep your domain.

You acquire your domain on contract terms hence the longer the contract the more you pay. These costs are incurred when you are renewing your domain annually.

The advantage of this is that after paying a one-off amount, you will not have to worry about the renewal costs every year.

  • The top-level-domain (TLD) you choose.

TLD is another name for domain extension. Some of these extensions are more expensive than others because of what they signify and their importance. For example, the .org domain is more expensive than the domain.

Top 5 Cheapest Domains Pricing South Africa

1. Truehost South Africa

You can get your business online using the cheapest domain name pricing in South Africa. To make it even better, they use the limitless cloud technology which makes it even better.  Their package includes a free domain:

  • Management
  • Protection
  • Search

Check out their prices below:

2. ZAWeb Hosts

They are popular for their fair prices and comprehensive services. The following package comes with all their domain registrations:

  • DNS management
  • Private WHOIS
  • Competitive pricing
  • All services under one roof

Their pricing plan is as shown below.

ZAWeb Domains Pricing South Africa

3. Hostworx

Hostworx provides one of the widest varieties of domain registrations. Along with their registration packages comes:

  • DNS management
  • Private WHOIS
  • Competitive pricing
  • Managing domains from one account

Their pricing plans are as follows:

Hostworx domain pricing


You can consider checking out the unique package that ITNT offers. their domain registration comes along with:

  • Personal and business mail
  • Web design
  • Web hosting
  • Cyber security and SSL

Their pricing plans are worth checking out. You can click here to get a quote depending on the domain you want.

5. Vander Host

Their pricing plan is very lucrative on top of the consistent customer support that they provide during registering and transferring your domain. Let us look at how their packages look like:

Vanderhost Domains Pricing South Africa

In Conclusion

Domains are fundamental for anyone hoping to launch a website, create an online store, or even an organisation. A good domain registrar will definitely provide all the key services that you need still considering an affordable domains pricing South Africa for the success of your site.

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