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7 Best Dropshipping Stores in South Africa

Are you looking for the best dropshipping stores in South Africa? You are in the right place. Dropshipping has become one of the most popular methods for businesses to start up and grows online. 

It is a great way to create an e-commerce store without having large capital investments, as it allows you to sell products without owning them in your physical store or warehouse. 

The dropshipping stores listed below are some of the best in South Africa, based on their customer reviews and ratings!

But first, let us cover the basics.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where e-commerce merchants or retailers do not keep the products they sell in stock. 

Instead, when orders are placed through their online shop, the retailer transfers customer details and order information to suppliers who fulfill the ordered items directly from their own stocks. 

This allows you to run your business without having large investments such as warehouses or storage buildings. 

It also enables small businesses with limited capital to get started quickly and easily!

How does dropshipping work in South Africa?

Dropshipping companies usually offer two options: product manufacturer drop shipping and wholesaler dropshipping. 

Product manufacturers handle all aspects of warehousing, packaging, and distribution themselves whereas wholesale dropship companies source products that can be sold on someone else’s behalf. 

Wholesale suppliers take on the responsibility of handling order fulfillment while product manufacturers are often drop shipping wholesalers who specialize in a particular product category or niche.

7 Best Dropshipping Stores in South Africa:

1).  Gadgetgyz

If you are looking for a dropshipping supplier of electronic products including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, Gatdgetgyz is one of the dropshipping stores in South Africa to start. 

They promise extremely cheap prices on all their items along with quick shipping times (within 24 hours). 

Perfect for entrepreneurs looking to start an e-commerce store selling electronics. 

2). Third Wave Distribution 

An established dropshipper that offers high-quality products at low costs to your valued customers. 

You can sell both branded goods as well as generic ones – it is up to you what sales channels you want the goods sold through! 

The service provided includes order tracking updates so your customers will always know where they stand when waiting for the delivery of their orders. 

Their warehouse has a wide range of brands which include Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft.

Third Wave Distribution also provides unlimited product listings which means you can sell as many items on your website or store without extra fees! 

They are able to offer this because they don’t have minimum order quantities for their products – another reason why it is perfect if you want to start an e-commerce business with a small budget. 

They only charge minimal monthly commissions of between 0% – 30%, depending on the number of orders placed in that month (starting from R99/month). This makes them one of the best dropshipping stores in South Africa.

3). Men’s Republic Distributors 

This is another one of the best dropshipping stores in South Africa.

The Men’s Republic is a wholesale dropshipper that offers incredibly cheap prices on all its items. 

They can supply you with goods from categories ranging from women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and accessories to home decor! 

Their pricing makes them perfect for entrepreneurs looking to start an e-commerce store in South Africa selling fashion products such as clothes or shoes online. 

The brand has been featured in numerous magazines including GQ South Africa so it is great if your target market includes high-income individuals.

Men’s Republic Distributors also deliver fast: most orders placed before 12pm (GMT+02:00) will be dispatched the same day and delivered within two days. This allows you to quickly receive funds into your account after items have been sold.

4). The Scents Company 

A supplier that offers a wide range of fragrances and beauty products. 

They offer extremely competitive prices (which are always changing depending on the current market value) which allows you to sell items at low margins while still making high profits! 

Many entrepreneurs choose to start an e-commerce store selling fragrance or beauty-related products due to their impressive monthly sales figures.

The Scents Company provides excellent customer support: they will happily answer any queries via email in addition to having a contact number for your convenience if needed during business hours. 

Their website also provides numerous resources such as guides, product information, and FAQs so there is no need for extensive research before opening up shop with this dropshipper! 

5). Parcelninja 

If you are looking for reliable dropshipping stores in South Africa, ParceNinja is one of them.

A multi-channel delivery service that allows you to send and receive goods from suppliers all around the world (including China). 

This is perfect if your business sells handbags, jewelry, or any other products which are available in countries like China.

The advantage of using Parcelninja is that there are no minimum orders so it can be used by both small entrepreneurs looking to start an e-commerce store selling a few items online as well as larger companies who want to sell their products internationally! 

The pricing structure ensures extremely cheap rates for shipping while merchants still retain control over how much they spend on logistics – meaning the sky really is the limit when it comes to being able to expand your brand’s reach 

6). DropStore 

DropStore is a dropshipper that offers products from various categories including fashion clothing, accessories, and household items. 

They have been in business since 2011 which means they are able to provide you with an invaluable amount of experience as well as extensive knowledge about the industry! 

This allows them to offer extremely competitive prices on all their goods.

The company has developed numerous relationships through the years meaning they can supply merchants with almost any product requested – whether it be from high-end brands or lesser-known suppliers who want global exposure for their products. 

DropStore’s support team also provides assistance via phone or email so queries will always be answered quickly and efficiently. 

Their website also features articles related to eCommerce marketing strategies, online shop development methods, and even social media

7). Neat Freak 

Neat Freak is another one of the leading dropshipping stores in South Africa dealing with detergents and general household cleaning supplies.

Dropshipping in South Africa allows you to run an online business with little investment, which is great if you want repeat sales from your customers! 

There are also many different suppliers available so it’s easy to find a company that fits in well with the type of products and brands you would like to sell on your website or store. 

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