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Email Domain Registration in South Africa

Last updated on November 10th, 2023 at 02:45 pm

Are you looking for email domain registration?

Email services are an integral part of the business and personal communication in South Africa. One needs to have a reliable email service under a credible domain name that will ensure that your message is delivered to the recipient. In this article, we explain the process of registering a domain name for use with custom email addresses in South Africa.

What is a domain name?

You possibly have used a domain name, even if you do not know what it is. A domain name is an internet address such as, which helps a user to access a resource that is stored online.

It is also used in creating email accounts or users, by having an email such as [email protected].

In this case, the domain name is the one that points to that specific email users.

A domain name can be of different extensions, such as, .io, .org, .com, .ng, .africa and many more. Any of those domain extensions would work well with emails, as the main factor determining how the emails work is the hosting service for the email.

The domain name simply provides the address while the hosting service provides the space where the emails are stored, sent and received from.

Getting an Email Service

There are many companies that offer email hosting services in South Africa.

Most of the local and international web hosting companies in South Africa give one email service once you have purchased a hosting service with them.

However, there are other specialized email services that one can subscribe to, such as Cloudoon email, G-Suite, and others.

Registering a Domain and Creating Email

To register a domain name, visit the website of any domain registrar in South Africa such as and choose the domain name of your choice.

More information on registering a domain name in South Africa can be found HERE.

Once you have a domain name, choose an email hosting package of your choice, or check to see of the hosting service you buy has email hosting service.

On Cpanel, you will need to login to cPanel and go to the email section in order to create the email addresses.

Once you have registered your domain and created the emails, you can go ahead and test if the emails are working.

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