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Free Domain Registration in South Africa: How To Get it in 2024

Last updated on November 10th, 2023 at 02:32 pm

Domain names are a critical part of our connected world today. Any resource that is on the internet needs a domain name to be accessible. In South Africa alone, there are over 1 million domain names that are registered and active, while hundreds continue to be registered every day. How, then, can one acquire a free domain registration in South Africa?

Free Domain and Hosting

While a domain name refers to an address that is used to locate a resource in the cloud, hosting refers to the actual space that the resource is stored. The resource could be a website, emails or any other online files.

Talking of hosting, it could be a shared hosting, virtual machine or a dedicated server somewhere in the cloud.

These two are the main requirements for getting online, and there are hundreds of companies providing this service in South Africa.

Of course, all of them do it at a fee, but sometimes you just get lucky and land yourself a sweet deal that is nearly free.

Is it possible to get free Domain and Hosting in South Africa?

free domain registration in south africa

Where can one land free domain registration in South Africa?

Well, even in the cloud there is no free lunch.

This means that you have to pay for these services. However, you can still hack a free domain hosting, but with limited control.

Look at the following sites, it is the closest you can get free domain registration in South Africa and hosting.

  1. Using WordPress, BlogSpot and Wix can allow you to host a website for free using a subdomain on Such a subdomain will be something like

The disadvantage with this approach is that you cannot use your own domain name such as a domain, unless you are willing to pay some money for it which is expensive.

In that case, you are better off using a paid hosting service.

  1. Using a host who gives either a free hosting or a free domain

Here is the thing, you cannot win both in this world.

Let me explain.

You cannot get a free domain and free hosting.

But you can get at least getting one for free.


There are several web hosting companies here in South Africa who offer one of those services for free. You pay for one, you get the other one as part of the package.

However, note that you are not actually getting anything for ‘free’, just that the price of the free one is included in the other.

Just pay for hosting

All of our web hosting packages come with a free domain name. It is free to register only if you purchase a hosting plan. And it doesn’t stop there. You also get:

  • Email service tools for free
  • SEO resources to help you rank faster
  • Database management resources
  • Online marketing tools to jumpstart your business
  • Web security tools so you can sleep rest assured your site is safe

So what are you waiting for?

Get a hosting package now and register a domain in South Africa ASAP.

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