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How To Get Unlimited Web Hosting in South Africa

Last updated on November 10th, 2023 at 02:59 pm

Quick question: what would you do with unlimited web hosting in South Africa?

Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and unlimited websites, how would that change your business?

Well, we are used to having a glass ceiling when it comes to resources available to our websites.

As soon as you start building a website, soon you are hit by, ‘you have exhausted resources.’

It is a turn-off and discourages anyone from working hard to scale their business.

Why would you need unlimited web hosting in South Africa?

When it comes to running an online business in South Africa, all of your inventory, files, and media rely on the server storage allocated to you.

Whether you are using it fully or not doesn’t matter.

What matters is that at some point you are going to require more, especially as your business grows.

For example:


Turns out, bandwidth in web hosting is the amount of data you can transfer to and from your hosting server per month.

Among the data is anything you upload or download, both FTP and HTTP.

How much you use the bandwidth allocated to you on the server often depends on two things:

  • The size of your web pages
  • Number of visitors you receive and the corresponding number of pages they view with each visit. See, people tend to visit more than one page once they land on your site. And that is reflected in the bounce rate and duration onsite.

Now, some web hosting packages put a capping to your bandwidth.

This means that there is a specific amount data you are allowed to transfer per month.

Often, you’d find companies putting a capping at 300GB.

While that may sound really high to exhaust, think again.

See, if your website is receiving a lot of traffic per day, you can easily hit that capping.

Once you do, the visitors start experiencing issues and soon will run away never to look back.

My point is, why to settle for bandwidth capping when you can enjoy unlimited data transfer.

Sleep better knowing your site is running optimally even with high traffic.

 What it means to have unlimited websites

Comes as a gift of unlimited web hosting in South Africa.

Again, some hosting plans come with a specific number of websites you can host on them.

In most cases, they are talking about the add-on domains you can have.

For example:

We have a personal package hosting.

Comes with 30 GB SSD storage.

And with such a storage limit, you cannot expect to hold many files, considering how big a website can get.

As such, the package can only host only up to 3 websites.


Again, creating a website takes resources.

Which one would you prefer; host more websites with each struggling to survive or one with a room to thrive?

I bet the latter, which is a good choice.

Now, if you intend on having more than one website, you should consider a package with unlimited storage and can support unlimited sites.

With such a plan, you have enough room to grow. Also, you have access to all of your businesses on one hosting account.

Other people have several websites but scattered across several hosting companies.

Under such an arrangement, you are inviting unnecessary drama and stress.

Imagine having to log in all the time to all the Cpanels to manage your sites?

It is hectic and not worth it.

What it feels like to have Unlimited email accounts

Also, unlimited web hosting comes with unlimited email accounts. Instead of having that one email address everyone can have access to (privacy issues), you can create an email account for everyone.

This works best if you are running a company with over 5 employees.

Having a personalized email address improves credibility and trust. It projects how professional you are.

Think for a second, which one would you pick between these email addresses?

I’d always go for the second email. Looks clean and you can instantly tell this is someone with serious and established business.

Where to get unlimited web hosting in South Africa

By now, you understand how much means to get unlimited web hosting in South Africa. But where will you get it?

Lucky for you, we have a package, Enterprise. Comes with everything we’ve talked about and much more.

For example:

You get a free SSL certificate to secure your site. You understand how HTTPS protocol means when it comes to ranking on Google.

Also, the package comes with a one-click installer. This means that you can install the WordPress script at a click of a button, without seeking support from anyone.

And now you are wondering, how much having unlimited web hosting costs in South Africa.

The good news, you don’t have to rob a bank to enjoy all these unlimited resources. For just R150 per month, you have a chance to never worry about anything hosting.

Where to get unlimited web hosting in South Africa

What are you waiting for?

Grab it while it lasts.

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