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How To Get GoDaddy SSL Certificate

Last updated on November 10th, 2023 at 02:46 pm

Looking for GoDaddy SSL Certificate in South Africa?

The ultimate solution to cyber security attacks is a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Not only does an SSL certificate protect sensitive user information, it also gives you a higher SEO ranking in the search engine over unsecured sites. You can also be sure to gain your visitors’ trust once they learn that the site is sealed.

What about GoDaddy SSL Certificates?

GoDaddy is a hosting company that also offers SSL certificates. The SSL products/services include the following:

Basic SSL certificate

When you are just starting out, particularly with a personal site, a basic Godaddy SSL certificate will do just fine. It protects only one website. The product goes for a mere R895.99 when you first purchase it. When renewing, you get it at R1119.99.

UCC/SAN SSL certificate

A unified communication certificate (UCC) or subject alternative name (SAN) certificate offers protection to multiple domains, sub-domains and environments. When you have more than 5 websites, you can choose from a range of UCC/SAN SSL certificates rather than get separate SSLs. From as R1959.99 per year you can get this certificate from GoDaddy.

Wildcard SSL certificate

With a Wildcard SSL certificate, you get to protect your entire website including the main domain and all sub-domains. Instead of getting different certificates for the sub-domains, you can get a Wildcard SSL certificate. It is available as a Domain Validated (DV) or Organization/Individual validation (OV/IV). The certificates sell from as low as R4145.52 per year.

Managed SSL Service

You don’t have to manage SSL certificates on your own. When you get the managed SSL service, you have everything done for you. From installing to configuring to troubleshooting the SSL, you won’t have to worry about the certificate. You can get the managed DV SSL service with as little as R2100.70 per year.

What’s the process of setting up a GoDaddy SSL certificate?

Launching the SSL involves a seven-step process, that is:

  1. Activating the SSL credit
  2. Requesting SSL certificate for the domain name needing security
  3. Verifying SSL certificate
  4. Downloading certificate files (unless download option is disabled, in which case GoDaddy will normally have already installed the certificate for you)
  5. Install the SSL certificate
  6. Redirecting to HTTPS. It is automatically directed for managed WordPress accounts.
  7. Checking SSL after installation

Check Truehost Africa SSL Certificates – much cheaper and faster issuance.

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