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How to manage DNS Records on Truehost

Last updated on February 25th, 2021 at 01:07 pm

What does DNS Management mean?

DNS (Domain Name System) refers to a standard of assigning names to resources connected on network. The assignment of these names helps translate information on domain names to IP addresses easily understood on network protocols.

DNS management means ability to update DNS records on the database either manually or automatically.

Truehost Africa DNS records are subdivided into two that is external DNS records and internal DNS records. External DNS records refers to records provided by other service providers but used by Truehost clients. Internal DNS records refers to records offered by Truehost to connect to services offered by Truehost.

Example of External DNS may be a website hosted by while the email service is hosted by Truehost. That service may use nameservers for Olitt and redirect MX Record to mail Server on Truehost.

Example of Internal DNS is where all services are provided by Truehost, thus nameservers and associated records such as MX all are mapped to Truehost servers.


Nameservers are primary DNS records that are used to assign a domain name to hosting service.

These nameservers are therefore offered by domain registrars and managed on client portal.


A (Address mapping) records is an IP Address that links a hosting service to server which stores hosting information.

A records communicate on network protocols by responding to ping requests.

A Record are provided on Truehost Cpanel under Zone editor.

CNAME Record

CNAME (Canonical Name) Refers to a record that maps a subdomain content to main domain.

Usually website builders commonly use CNAME record to map domain names to them. Such examples include and Shopify .

CNAME records are available internally on Truehost Cpanel under DNS zone.

TXT Record

TXT records -are records responsible for holding text information linking to your domain name from other sources. Such may include a verification service for the domain, email records from emailproviders such as Zoho and microsoft office 365.

To update TXT records on Cpanel, go under DNS section on DNS zone editor.

MX Record

MX (Mail Exchange) records are DNS records used for connecting email services to a domain name.

Truehost supports both internal and custom MX records for owners who host emails with external providers such as ZOHO, Google- gsuite .

How to update DNS records on Truehost

How to update nameservers

Login on client area using the email address and password you set during domain registration

use link

Click Domains and select mydomains

Select domain name.

On drop down, select manage nameservers as shown below

Select custom nameservers and input new nameservers

Click change nameserver button to save changes

How to add A record

Login to hosting cpanel using login details

Go to domain section and select zone editor

zone record

Click manage option beside the domain name you wish to update

To add A record, click Add record option on right hand side

A table will appear as below

Adding A record

Fill in table with values below

Name: Fill in the domain name

TTL: Fill in the TTL value provided by your provider or use default value on table

Class Type: Ensure value selected is A

Record: Input the IP Address provided to you

Click Add record to save new values

It is also possible to edit existing A records by clicking Edit under actions

To delete A record, select delete under action

A confirmation message box will appear as below


Click continue to complete deletion of A record.

If the delete action was an error, click Cancel to prevent deletion.

How to add CNAME

Log in to your hosting cpanel

Under the domain subsection , click Zone editor

Select manage on the domain name you wish to add the CNAME

Choose Add record and select CNAME as below


Fill in values for the record with those provided by Cname provider.

Name: Fill in the first CNAME value provided

TTL: Fill in the TTL value provided by your provider or use default value on table

Class Type: Ensure value selected is CNAME

Record: Input the CNAME Destination Value provided to you

Click Add record to save new values

To edit existing CNAME records,

Go to manage section

Select filter by CNAME as below


Existing CNAME values will be displayed.

Under actions, Click the Edit option on the CNAME you wish to edit

Input new CNAME values and click save record button

To remove existing CNAME , click Delete option beside the CNAME value you wish to remove

Click Continue on the confirm deletion window that appears.

How to Add TXT records

Login on your Cpanel and select Zone editor

Click manage and select Add record on top right hand as below

Add Record Option

Select Add “TXT Record” and input TXT Values provided

A TXT table will appears as below

TXT Record Table

Name :fill in the domain name

TTL: fill in TTL Value provided or use default on the table

Class Type: Ensure TXT is selected

Record: Fill in value provided as TXT destination (value usually has = sign)

To edit TXT records

Click manage on the domain name you wish to edit

Filter by TXT values see existing TXT records

Select TXT record to be edited and fill in new values

To save changes,click Save record

To delete TXT Record

Filter by TXT values to see all TXT records

Select TXT Record to be removed, and click Delete option

Click continue on confirmation box that appears to remove record.

Click Add record button to save changes

How to Add MX Record

Go to hosting cpanel and login

Under domain section , select zone editor

Click Manage on the domain name

Click Add Record and select MX record

Fill in the table as below


Name: input domain name

TTL: input values provided; or use default

Class Type: Set it to MX

Priority: Input value provided by email provider as an integer

Destination: Input the provider’s destination name

Click Add record button to save these records

For multiple MX records, repeat the process until all MX records are updated

To edit MX Records

Return to manage DNS section as below


Filter by MX records

Click the MX record to be edited

Input new records

Click Save record for updates to be saved.

To remove existing MX records

Return to section for managing Records

Select Filter by MX and obtain the MX to be removed

Click delete option

Complete deletion by clicking continue on deletion confirmation box.

Secondary DNS records include those used for CDN (content delivery network) such as from cloudflare; CD Networks and Google cloud CDN.

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