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How to Register a Domain Name in Zimbabwe

Online presence has become essential for businesses that want to remain competitive in today’s digital world. 

Registering a domain name is the first step for those wanting to establish their website in Zimbabwe. 

With 4.65 million internet users in Zimbabwe as of January 2022, you will be out of business soon if you are not online?‍♀️.

This article provides clear steps to register a domain name to get your business up and running quickly and easily.

Quick Summary:

  • In Zimbabwe, registering a domain involves selecting the desired domain name and then checking its availability with a certified registrar like ZISPA (Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers Association).
  • After finding an available domain, one must pay registration fees, which usually last 1 year, depending on the registrar’s policies.
  • Once payment is made, your chosen domain will be registered in minutes allowing you to build up your online presence quickly and easily. 

What is a Domain Name? 

A domain name is a unique identifier used to locate a website on the Internet.

It is the address where users can access a website, and it helps people easily find websites instead of having to remember the numerical IP address associated with it. 

Think of it this way; you have a house and an address. 

Without the address, no one can find your house.

The house is your website, and the address is the domain name?.

Domain names typically include two parts: A top-level domain (TLD) and a second-level domain (SLD). 

The TLD indicates the type of organization or purpose of the website, such as .com for commercial sites or .org for non-profit organizations. 

After the TLD comes the SLD, which reflects an individual, business, or organization name. 

For example, an online store might have a domain name like, where “exampleonlineStore” is its SLD. 

What’s Domain Registration?

Domain registration is the process of reserving a website name that is specific to your business. 

It allows you to create an identity on the web, making it easier for customers and potential partners to find you. 

By registering a domain name, you have exclusive rights over that particular domain name and can use it as the address for your website or other online services.

Now, once a domain name is registered, it cannot be reregistered by someone else, unless the current owner fails to renew it after the billing period (often 1 year).

Why Should You Do It?  

Registering a domain name in Zimbabwe is a great way to ensure that your website or brand is protected and available for customers. 

Having a domain name provides legitimacy and assists in creating an easy-to-remember web address for your business or organization. 

Here are some of the benefits of registering a domain name in Zimbabwe: 

  • Allows you to have control over the registered name. No one else can register the same name as yours, so you must pick something unique and memorable. This will help ensure that customers can find your website when searching on search engines quickly. 
  • Registering a domain name will give your website an international presence which can be beneficial as you expand into other markets. It also gives you credibility among potential customers and partners who may view this registration as proof of legitimacy and trustworthiness. 
  • Having a domain name in Zimbabwe will give you access to the .zw Top Level Domain, which is beneficial for companies that are targeting users from this region. 
  • It also provides an easy way to create emails tied directly to your website address so customers can easily reach out with inquiries or comments about products and services. This makes it easier to keep track of customer interactions and feedback than if they were using generic email accounts like Gmail or Hotmail. 

Who is a Domain Registrar?

A domain registrar is a company or organization authorized to manage the reservation of internet domain names. 

See, when you register a domain name in Zimbabwe, you are essentially reserving the right to use that domain for a specific period, typically one year. 

The registrar is responsible for maintaining a record of all registered domain names and the associated contact and technical information.

Now, registrars in Zimbabwe (or anywhere in the world) are accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is the organization that coordinates the assignment of unique internet identifiers, including domain names and IP addresses. 

There are many domain registrars to choose from, and you can usually register a domain name through your web hosting company or directly through a registrar.

A good example is Truehost Cloud!

And I will show you how to use get a website on

Types of Domains in Zimbabwe

There are several types of domains:

  • Top-level domains (TLDs): These are the highest level of domain names and are used to identify the type of organization or entity the website belongs to. Some examples of TLDs include .com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov, .uk, and .io.
  • Country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs): These are TLDs specific to a particular country or territory. Examples of ccTLDs include .zw (Zimbabwe), .za (South Africa), .us (United States), .ca (Canada), .au (Australia), .in (India), and .cn (China).
  • Generic top-level domains (gTLDs): These are TLDs that are not specific to a particular country or territory but rather are used for a specific purpose or industry. Examples of gTLDs include .info, .biz, .pro, and .co.
  • Second-level domains: These are the domain names that come immediately before the TLD. For example, in the domain name “,” “example” is the second-level domain.
  • Subdomains: These are domain names that are added to the beginning of a second-level domain. They are often used to organize different website sections or create separate sites for different purposes. For example, “” could be a subdomain of “”

This subtopic is huge, and we won’t go into detail in this guide. Instead, we will have a dedicated guide to take you through each.

Go read it here.

That said, let’s see how to register a domain name in Zimbabwe.

Domain Registration Steps in Zimbabwe 

1. Choose a Domain Name 

Before you register a website name, you first have to pick one.

Your domain name will be the address people use to find your website, so it is essential to choose one that is easy to remember and relevant to your business or organization. 

Here are some tips for selecting the best domain name: 

  • Consider what keywords you would like associated with your site. A good domain name should include those words for customers to easily find you on search engines. 
  • Make sure you pick something that can be easily spelled and remembered. 
  • Choose a unique web address so potential customers don’t end up at someone else’s website by mistake. 
  • Be creative, but keep it simple. 
  • Make sure to research any potential trademarks before registering a domain name. 
  • Avoid using hyphens and numbers, as they can be confusing for visitors. 
  • Check for the availability of the domain name before registering. I will show you that in a second.

2. Select a Domain Registrar 

Most local companies offer a range of services and features, making selecting the best option for your specific needs easy. 

First, consider which type of domain you need. 

Will you be registering an existing top-level domain, such as .com or a country-specific one, such as .zw? 

Different companies may specialize in different types of domains, so make sure to check that they offer what you are looking for. 

While at it, research their customer service record by reading online reviews and asking any tech-savvy friends for recommendations.

When you have narrowed down your choices, compare prices between companies before making a final decision. 

Be sure to ask about any hidden fees or additional costs associated with registration and renewal dates—these can add up quickly if not accounted for in advance! 

3. Search Availability

Now that you have picked a registrar, it is time to get down to business.

In this example, I will be using, one of the fastest-growing domains and web hosting companies.

To get started, head over to and click Domains then Domain Search.

Domains in Zimbabwe

The next step is to type the name you’d wish to register into the box provided and hit search.

How to Register a Domain Name in Zimbabwe

What it does here is to check if your preferred domain name is already registered by someone else.

Remember, you cannot register an existing website name. For example, if you try to register, it tells you it is ‘unavailable.’

How to Register a Domain Name in Zimbabwe


Because it is an already existing website and trademark of Meta!

So, if your website name is available, add it to the cart.

How to Register a Domain Name in Zimbabwe

And see the price: R145, which is about 2,752 Zimbabwean Dollars.


There are other popular extensions you can use.

popular domains in zimbabwe

And even more suggested domains.

popular domains in zimbabwe

4. Enter Domain Name Details 

The next step is to checkout your order.

If you don’t have hosting (where your website files will live online), add on this page.

Enter Domain Name Details 

You can add these add-ons, they are free.

Enter Domain Name Details 

And once satisfied, click ‘Checkout Now.’

You are almost done.

Create an account by filling in the form and providing all the necessary details.

Enter Domain Name Details 

5. Pay for Domain Registration 

Pay for your order using your chosen method to complete the domain name registration process.

Pay for Domain Registration

Truehost Cloud supports more than 3 payment methods.

Once paid, you will receive details of your new domain in the email used to create an account.

Domain Prices in Zimbabwe

To own a domain, there’s a price to pay. Here’s a table showing domain prices in Zimbabwe.

Note: Prices are in South African Rand.

Domain Pricing

DomainNew PriceTransferRenewal R70.00 R0.00 R70.00
.com R160.00 R200.00 R200.00 R615.99 R615.99 R615.99
.cyou R218.94 R210.49 R218.94
.de R114.02 R122.49 R114.02
.gay R600.56 R602.67 R600.56
.uk R124.60 R126.71 R124.60
.eu R114.02 R116.14 R114.02
.nyc R473.64 R475.75 R473.64
.ph R970.75 R1269.24 R970.75
.page R188.06 R190.17 R188.06
.coach R1023.64 R994.02 R1023.64
.cfd R135.17 R137.29 R135.17
.bayern R621.71 R613.25 R621.71
.contact R217.67 R211.33 R217.67
.inc R55391.30 R55391.30 R55391.30
.london R664.02 R655.56 R664.02
.luxe R291.71 R283.25 R291.71
.beauty R240.94 R243.06 R240.94
.hair R240.94 R243.06 R240.94
.makeup R240.94 R243.06 R240.94
.quest R240.94 R243.06 R240.94
.skin R240.94 R243.06 R240.94
.dealer R55391.30 R55391.30 R55391.30
.sbs R218.94 R210.49 R218.94
.health R1203.44 R1163.25 R1203.44
.bond R218.94 R210.49 R218.94
.poker R1044.79 R1036.33 R1044.79
.vote R1446.71 R1395.94 R1446.71
.ac R579.40 R570.94 R579.40
.academy R621.71 R592.10 R621.71
.accountant R486.33 R486.33 R486.33
.accountants R1806.33 R1692.10 R1806.33
.actor R685.17 R676.71 R685.17
.agency R431.33 R422.86 R431.33
.airforce R579.40 R570.94 R579.40
.apartments R960.17 R909.40 R960.17
.app R283.25 R285.36 R283.25
.archi R1383.25 R1353.64 R1383.25
.army R579.40 R570.94 R579.40
.art R283.25 R274.79 R283.25
.asia R240.94 R249.40 R240.94
.associates R621.71 R613.25 R621.71
.attorney R970.75 R951.71 R970.75
.auction R558.25 R528.64 R558.25
.audio R2419.79 R2390.17 R2419.79
.auto R55391.30 R55391.30 R55391.30
.autos R240.94 R243.06 R240.94
.baby R1150.56 R1142.10 R1150.56
.band R484.21 R475.75 R484.21
.bar R1150.56 R1163.25 R1150.56
.bargains R547.67 R528.64 R547.67
.beer R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.bible R939.02 R930.56 R939.02
.bid R119.52 R100.49 R119.52
.bike R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.bingo R896.71 R845.94 R896.71
.bio R1256.33 R1184.40 R1256.33
.black R1023.64 R972.86 R1023.64
.blackfriday R2419.79 R2390.17 R2419.79
.blog R473.64 R465.17 R473.64
.blue R367.86 R359.40 R367.86
.boats R240.94 R243.06 R240.94
.boston R240.94 R232.49 R240.94
.boutique R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.builders R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.business R218.94 R210.49 R218.94
.ca R198.64 R200.75 R198.64
.cab R494.79 R496.90 R494.79
.cafe R674.60 R676.71 R674.60
.camera R960.17 R951.71 R960.17
.camp R917.86 R888.25 R917.86
.capital R1108.25 R1057.49 R1108.25
.car R55391.30 R55391.30 R55391.30
.cards R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.care R664.02 R634.40 R664.02
.careers R1118.83 R1057.49 R1118.83
.cars R55391.30 R55391.30 R55391.30
.casa R145.75 R147.86 R145.75
.cash R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.casino R2525.56 R2432.49 R2525.56
.catering R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.cc R198.64 R200.75 R198.64
.center R410.17 R401.71 R410.17
.charity R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.chat R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.cheap R547.67 R539.21 R547.67
.christmas R727.49 R719.02 R727.49
.church R674.60 R666.14 R674.60
.city R410.17 R401.71 R410.17
.claims R1108.25 R1057.49 R1108.25
.cleaning R917.86 R888.25 R917.86
.click R255.92 R255.92 R255.92
.clinic R1023.64 R994.02 R1023.64
.clothing R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.cloud R367.86 R369.99 R367.86
.club R261.25 R252.79 R261.25
.co R515.94 R507.49 R515.94 R192.00 R192.00 R192.00
.codes R1023.64 R994.02 R1023.64
.coffee R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.college R1108.25 R1057.49 R1108.25
.community R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.company R240.94 R232.49 R240.94
.computer R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.condos R864.99 R845.94 R864.99
.construction R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.consulting R727.49 R719.02 R727.49
.contractors R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.cooking R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.cool R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.country R55361.54 R55361.54 R55361.54
.coupons R917.86 R888.25 R917.86
.courses R579.40 R592.10 R579.40
.credit R1785.17 R1692.10 R1785.17
.creditcard R3054.40 R2749.79 R3054.40
.cricket R486.33 R486.33 R486.33
.cruises R864.99 R845.94 R864.99
.cx R281.65 R290.89 R281.65
.dance R431.33 R422.86 R431.33
.date R119.52 R100.49 R119.52
.dating R1023.64 R994.02 R1023.64
.deals R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.degree R727.49 R719.02 R727.49
.delivery R917.86 R888.25 R917.86
.democrat R537.10 R528.64 R537.10
.dental R1087.10 R1057.49 R1087.10
.dentist R960.17 R951.71 R960.17
.design R832.40 R816.11 R832.40
.dev R240.94 R243.06 R240.94
.diamonds R917.86 R888.25 R917.86
.diet R2419.79 R2390.17 R2419.79
.digital R632.29 R623.83 R632.29
.direct R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.directory R410.17 R401.71 R410.17
.jetzt R336.14 R338.25 R336.14
.discount R494.79 R496.90 R494.79
.doctor R1933.25 R1819.02 R1933.25
.dog R991.90 R972.86 R991.90
.domains R674.60 R655.56 R674.60
.download R119.52 R100.49 R119.52
.earth R389.02 R380.56 R389.02
.education R515.94 R507.49 R515.94
.email R452.49 R444.02 R452.49
.energy R1806.33 R1734.40 R1806.33
.engineer R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.engineering R1023.64 R972.86 R1023.64
.enterprises R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.equipment R389.02 R380.56 R389.02
.estate R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.events R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.example R281.65 R290.89 R281.65
.exchange R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.expert R1023.64 R972.86 R1023.64
.exposed R325.56 R327.67 R325.56
.express R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.fail R579.40 R570.94 R579.40
.faith R240.94 R232.49 R240.94
.family R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.fans R196.31 R198.42 R196.31
.farm R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.fashion R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.feedback R6967.86 R6980.56 R6967.86
.film R1383.25 R1395.94 R1383.25
.finance R991.90 R972.86 R991.90
.financial R917.86 R888.25 R917.86
.fish R674.60 R655.56 R674.60
.fishing R494.79 R507.49 R494.79
.fit R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.fitness R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.flights R854.40 R845.94 R854.40
.florist R537.10 R528.64 R537.10
.flowers R2419.79 R2369.02 R2419.79
.fm R2044.00 R2044.00 R2044.00
.football R399.60 R391.14 R399.60
.forsale R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.foundation R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.fun R600.56 R592.10 R600.56
.fund R1023.64 R972.86 R1023.64
.furniture R1996.71 R1903.64 R1996.71
.futbol R209.21 R211.33 R209.21
.fyi R363.64 R359.40 R363.64
.gallery R410.17 R401.71 R410.17
.game R6967.86 R6874.79 R6967.86
.games R484.21 R465.17 R484.21
.garden R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.gift R304.40 R306.52 R304.40
.gifts R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.gives R494.79 R496.90 R494.79
.glass R991.90 R972.86 R991.90
.global R1383.25 R1332.49 R1383.25
.gmbh R579.40 R560.36 R579.40
.gold R1785.17 R1692.10 R1785.17
.golf R1002.49 R972.86 R1002.49
.graphics R410.17 R401.71 R410.17
.gratis R325.56 R327.67 R325.56
.green R1256.33 R1226.71 R1256.33
.gripe R494.79 R496.90 R494.79
.group R336.14 R327.67 R336.14
.guide R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.guitars R2419.79 R2369.02 R2419.79
.guru R642.86 R613.25 R642.86
.haus R494.79 R496.90 R494.79
.healthcare R1118.83 R1057.49 R1118.83
.help R515.94 R507.49 R515.94
.hiphop R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.hiv R4133.25 R4103.64 R4133.25
.hockey R854.40 R835.36 R854.40
.holdings R1013.06 R972.86 R1013.06
.holiday R991.90 R972.86 R991.90
.homes R240.94 R243.06 R240.94
.horse R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.hospital R991.90 R972.86 R991.90
.host R1446.71 R1438.25 R1446.71
.hosting R6967.86 R6874.79 R6967.86
.house R685.17 R655.56 R685.17
.icu R218.94 R210.49 R218.94
.immo R494.79 R496.90 R494.79
.immobilien R494.79 R496.90 R494.79
.in R140.67 R142.79 R140.67
.industries R685.17 R655.56 R685.17
.ink R463.06 R454.60 R463.06
.institute R441.90 R422.86 R441.90
.insure R991.90 R972.86 R991.90
.international R484.21 R475.75 R484.21
.investments R1912.10 R1819.02 R1912.10
.io R939.02 R909.40 R939.02
.irish R325.56 R317.10 R325.56
.ist R304.61 R296.15 R304.61
.istanbul R357.50 R349.04 R357.50
.net R240.10 R240.10 R240.10
.jewelry R1023.64 R972.86 R1023.64
.juegos R6967.86 R6980.56 R6967.86
.kaufen R558.25 R528.64 R558.25
.kim R357.29 R348.83 R357.29
.kitchen R991.90 R972.86 R991.90
.la R579.40 R592.10 R579.40
.land R621.71 R592.10 R621.71
.law R1785.17 R1692.10 R1785.17
.lawyer R960.17 R951.71 R960.17
.lease R907.29 R888.25 R907.29
.legal R1087.10 R1057.49 R1087.10
.lgbt R1034.21 R1015.17 R1034.21
.life R589.99 R581.52 R589.99
.lighting R420.75 R412.29 R420.75
.limited R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.limo R928.44 R909.40 R928.44
.link R71.71 R84.40 R71.71
.live R515.94 R507.49 R515.94
.llc R621.71 R613.25 R621.71
.loan R119.52 R100.49 R119.52
.loans R1785.17 R1692.10 R1785.17
.lol R473.64 R465.17 R473.64
.love R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.ltd R463.06 R444.02 R463.06
.maison R928.44 R909.40 R928.44
.management R389.02 R380.56 R389.02
.market R674.60 R634.40 R674.60
.marketing R685.17 R655.56 R685.17
.mba R600.56 R570.94 R600.56
.me R367.86 R359.40 R367.86
.media R674.60 R634.40 R674.60
.melbourne R1214.24 R1163.46 R1214.24
.memorial R854.40 R845.94 R854.40
.men R119.52 R100.49 R119.52
.menu R579.40 R592.10 R579.40
.miami R576.70 R576.70 R576.70
.mobi R537.10 R507.49 R537.10
.moda R515.94 R507.49 R515.94
.moe R283.25 R295.94 R283.25
.mom R579.40 R570.94 R579.40
.money R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.monster R230.15 R232.27 R230.15
.mortgage R960.17 R930.56 R960.17
.motorcycles R240.94 R243.06 R240.94
.movie R5169.79 R5076.71 R5169.79
.mx R833.25 R824.79 R833.25
.navy R515.94 R507.49 R515.94
.network R515.94 R507.49 R515.94
.news R505.36 R507.49 R505.36
.ninja R515.94 R486.33 R515.94
.nl R156.33 R147.86 R156.33
.observer R219.79 R221.90 R219.79
.one R325.56 R317.10 R325.56
.online R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.ooo R515.94 R507.49 R515.94
.open R8110.30 R8119.53 R8110.30
.organic R1340.94 R1332.49 R1340.94
.partners R1118.83 R1057.49 R1118.83
.parts R611.14 R602.67 R611.14
.party R119.52 R100.49 R119.52
.pet R389.02 R380.56 R389.02
.photo R473.64 R475.75 R473.64
.photography R558.25 R528.64 R558.25
.photos R410.17 R401.71 R410.17
.pics R473.64 R465.17 R473.64
.pictures R226.14 R221.90 R226.14
.pink R367.86 R359.40 R367.86
.pizza R1023.64 R972.86 R1023.64
.place R346.71 R338.25 R346.71
.plumbing R917.86 R888.25 R917.86
.plus R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.press R1108.25 R1099.79 R1108.25
.pro R452.49 R422.86 R452.49
.productions R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.promo R389.02 R380.56 R389.02
.properties R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.property R2419.79 R2390.17 R2419.79
.protection R55391.30 R55391.30 R55391.30
.pub R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.pw R367.86 R359.40 R367.86
.racing R240.94 R232.49 R240.94
.realty R6523.85 R6219.24 R6523.85
.recipes R1023.64 R972.86 R1023.64
.red R367.86 R359.40 R367.86
.report R389.02 R380.56 R389.02
.rehab R600.56 R570.94 R600.56
.reise R1552.49 R1544.02 R1552.49
.reisen R336.14 R338.25 R336.14
.rent R1044.79 R1036.33 R1044.79
.rentals R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.repair R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.republican R600.56 R570.94 R600.56
.africa R150.00 R320.00 R320.00
.rest R600.56 R613.25 R600.56
.restaurant R991.90 R972.86 R991.90
.review R240.94 R232.49 R240.94
.reviews R991.90 R972.86 R991.90
.rip R367.86 R359.40 R367.86
.rocks R304.40 R295.94 R304.40
.rodeo R122.49 R126.71 R122.49
.run R410.17 R401.71 R410.17
.sale R611.14 R570.94 R611.14
.salon R991.90 R951.71 R991.90
.sarl R515.94 R507.49 R515.94
.school R611.14 R570.94 R611.14
.schule R389.02 R380.56 R389.02
.science R240.94 R232.49 R240.94
.security R55391.30 R55391.30 R55391.30
.services R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.sexy R69230.54 R69230.54 R69230.54
.sh R706.33 R697.86 R706.33
.shiksha R321.33 R317.10 R321.33
.shoes R991.90 R951.71 R991.90
.shop R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.shopping R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.show R685.17 R655.56 R685.17
.singles R558.25 R528.64 R558.25
.site R600.56 R592.10 R600.56
.ski R991.90 R951.71 R991.90
.soccer R378.44 R369.99 R378.44
.social R611.14 R570.94 R611.14
.software R611.14 R581.52 R611.14
.solar R970.75 R951.71 R970.75
.solutions R484.21 R465.17 R484.21
.space R473.64 R465.17 R473.64
.storage R11198.64 R10999.79 R11198.64
.store R917.86 R909.40 R917.86
.stream R119.52 R100.49 R119.52
.studio R579.40 R549.79 R579.40
.study R473.64 R486.33 R473.64
.style R611.14 R581.52 R611.14
.sucks R4619.79 R4632.49 R4619.79
.supplies R389.02 R380.56 R389.02
.supply R389.02 R380.56 R389.02
.support R431.33 R422.86 R431.33
.surf R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.surgery R854.40 R845.94 R854.40
.sydney R1214.24 R1163.46 R1214.24
.systems R505.36 R486.33 R505.36
.tattoo R727.49 R740.17 R727.49
.tax R1118.83 R1057.49 R1118.83
.taxi R1023.64 R972.86 R1023.64
.team R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.tech R939.02 R930.56 R939.02
.technology R484.21 R465.17 R484.21
.tel R215.56 R228.25 R215.56
.tennis R1044.79 R1015.17 R1044.79
.theater R991.90 R972.86 R991.90
.theatre R11198.64 R10999.79 R11198.64
.tickets R8237.10 R8249.79 R8237.10
.tienda R991.90 R972.86 R991.90
.tips R505.36 R486.33 R505.36
.tires R1658.25 R1586.33 R1658.25
.today R431.33 R422.86 R431.33
.tools R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.tours R991.90 R951.71 R991.90
.town R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.toys R991.90 R951.71 R991.90
.trade R119.52 R100.49 R119.52
.training R611.14 R592.10 R611.14
.travel R2356.33 R2199.79 R2356.33
.tube R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.tv R558.25 R570.94 R558.25
.university R970.75 R951.71 R970.75
.uno R367.86 R359.40 R367.86
.us R156.33 R158.44 R156.33
.vacations R611.14 R570.94 R611.14
.org R215.56 R228.25 R215.56
.vegas R917.86 R909.40 R917.86
.ventures R917.86 R909.40 R917.86
.vet R653.44 R613.25 R653.44
.viajes R790.94 R782.49 R790.94
.video R611.14 R570.94 R611.14
.villas R854.40 R845.94 R854.40
.vin R981.33 R951.71 R981.33
.vip R259.77 R251.31 R259.77
.vision R611.14 R570.94 R611.14
.vodka R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.voyage R917.86 R867.10 R917.86
.watch R685.17 R655.56 R685.17
.webcam R240.94 R232.49 R240.94
.website R473.64 R465.17 R473.64
.wedding R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.whoswho R105.77 R105.77 R105.77
.wiki R463.06 R454.60 R463.06
.wine R917.86 R888.25 R917.86
.win R119.52 R100.49 R119.52
.work R145.75 R147.86 R145.75
.works R611.14 R570.94 R611.14
.world R611.14 R570.94 R611.14
.ws R452.49 R454.60 R452.49
.wtf R558.25 R549.79 R558.25
.yachts R240.94 R243.06 R240.94
.yoga R494.79 R486.33 R494.79
.zone R611.14 R581.52 R611.14
.biz R316.25 R317.10 R316.25
.info R452.49 R422.86 R452.49
.top R90.54 R101.11 R90.54
.buzz R579.40 R592.10 R579.40
.xyz R230.15 R232.27 R230.15
.best R363.64 R355.17 R363.64 R100.00 R0.00 R183.74
.ke R460.00 R0.00 R460.00 R153.17 R0.00 R183.74 R153.17 R0.00 R183.74 R153.17 R0.00 R183.74 R153.17 R0.00 R183.74 R153.17 R0.00 R183.74 R153.17 R0.00 R183.74 R153.17 R0.00 R183.74 R70.00 R0.00 R70.00 R70.00 R0.00 R70.00 R70.00 R0.00 R129.00 R48.00 R48.00 R48.00
.ng R142.00 R480.00 R480.00 N/A N/A N/A R416.00 R416.00 R416.00 R79.00 R114.00 R114.00 R100.00 R0.00 R183.74
.abogado R655.00 R655.00 R655.00 R408.00 R408.00 R408.00 R888.00 R888.00 R888.00
.build R1288.00 R1288.00 R1288.00
.cam R357.29 R348.83 R357.29
.ceo R1763.00 R1763.00 R1763.00 R502.00 R502.00 R502.00 R535.00 R535.00 R535.00 R151.00 R151.00 R151.00 R406.00 R406.00 R406.00 R112.00 R112.00 R112.00 R199.00 R199.00 R199.00
.coop R1466.00 R1466.00 R1466.00
.corp R726.00 R726.00 R726.00
.cpa R726.00 R726.00 R726.00 R349.00 R349.00 R349.00
.desi R295.00 R295.00 R295.00 R349.00 R349.00 R349.00
.fan R655.00 R655.00 R655.00 R114.00 R114.00 R114.00
.fo R1080.00 R1080.00 R1080.00 R175.00 R175.00 R175.00
.gd R616.00 R616.00 R616.00 R114.00 R114.00 R114.00 R301.00 R301.00 R301.00
.hotel R726.00 R726.00 R726.00 R644.00 R644.00 R644.00 R148.00 R148.00 R148.00 R114.00 R114.00 R114.00 R207.00 R207.00 R207.00 R666.00 R666.00 R666.00
.luxury R786.00 R786.00 R786.00 R249.00 R249.00 R249.00 R114.00 R114.00 R114.00 R114.00 R114.00 R114.00 R295.00 R295.00 R295.00
.reit R21888.00 R21888.00 R21888.00 R1640.54 R1640.54 R1640.54 R1637.00 R1637.00 R1637.00
.saarland R439.00 R439.00 R439.00 R622.00 R622.00 R622.00 R611.00 R611.00 R611.00 R535.00 R535.00 R535.00 R444.00 R444.00 R444.00 R386.00 R386.00 R386.00
.vg R616.00 R616.00 R616.00 R4132.85 R4132.85 R4132.85
.fr R231.00 R231.00 R231.00
.es R231.00 R231.00 R231.00
.box R20.94 R20.94 R20.94
.kids R410.17 R412.29 R410.17
.lat R484.21 R486.33 R484.21


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