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Beginners Guide To VPS Hosting In South Africa

Last updated on September 15th, 2021 at 09:11 am

Bordering the Atlantic ocean to the South, South Africa is a great country. VPS hosting in South Africa is an emerging online business.

Starting a business in South Africa is assured to boom. However, an online business would be best for it is flexible.

As a great tourist attraction place, hotels, touring organizations need to advertise their services. VPS hosting is a good way to startup.

What is a VPS?

VPS- Virtual Private Server is a virtualized server that provides one with private resources on a server with multiple users.

It is a type of server that uses virtualization technology to divide that one powerful server to run and use resources.

Is a popular hosting for one gets dedicated access to the server with multiple users. It is more secure and stable than shared hosting.

Besides, being popular VPS hosting is reliable, secure, and performs well than the other hosting like shared hosting.

Moreover, users have administrative access granting them the freedom to install and run various applications without having to go through the service provider.

How does a VPS work?

A VPS server simulates a physical server however, in certainty, the computer is shared among different users.

VPS uses the parent server to host many virtual servers that are separated from each other. This separation creates flexibility to install its own OS and software. It creates a server that’s truly private, separated from others on the OS level.

With VPS hosting, you have the same administrative privileges as if you have a dedicated server but for a cheap price.

What does VPS hosting offer:

  • Access your VPS environments from anywhere.
  • The allocated Bandwidth and storage for each instance so your performance is not altered by other companies on the server as it might be with shared hosting.
  • Get more bandwidth and storage than a hosting company that limits the number of instances they can create on each parent server.
  • Have sole control over a built-to-order parent server and its resources.

VPS vs Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the best solution for small businesses or startup organizations. This means that the server resources are shared with no dedication.

One has no control over the server. You use the provided operating system and the same operating environment as anyone else. The hosting provider performs all changes to the server.

Shared hosting can be compared to renting; having one apartment but sharing it with a number of roommates. 

However, for VPS hosting sharing the same building but everyone has their own room but shares amenities like parking, water, and others. This means that on a VPS server one gets to customize to their liking.

Besides, it is cheap, reliable, and flexible. Since you pay for what you need, VPS delivers value for the money spent.

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server means owning the whole server. This means you have a fast, flexible secure, and fully customizable. 

This means one has the freedom to configure your operating system and server applications. It also allows one to configure hardware since you own the server.

However, this type of hosting is expensive and might not be applicable for everyone especially those starting up.

But with VPS hosting, there is the flexibility to configure your operating system and server applications. 

VPS hosting makes all these affordable as well as providing a private server without sharing resources and using the same operating system.

VPS hosting in South Africa: Pros and Cons of a VPS


  • Secure- one owns the server and updates and security measures are easy to implement.
  • It is fast and reliable than shared hosting. Besides, it is scalable because the upgrade is easy depends on the site growth.
  • Grants one administrative privilege to work and change the environment.
  • Non-sharing of resources meaning there is there’s zero to minimal fluctuation of your resources.


  • Requires more technical knowledge to manage the server.
  • Unmanaged Servers can lead to security vulnerabilities.

When to use a VPS

This is the best time to switch to VPS. It provides a fast and stable environment that can benefit a lot from using a virtual private server.

Apart from flexibility, a VPS server provides security and scalability for sites whenever sites experience a spike in traffic. 

VPS can help you reduce the risk of security breaches and identity theft especially if you deal with sensitive data.

VPS hosting in South Africa: Cost

At Truehost Africa one can get a VPS for as low as R60. This gets you:

  • 1 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 30GB SSD storage
  • 1TB Bandwidth

Go Live on Powerful self-managed Virtual Machines from Truehost South Africa.

All in all VPS hosting grants one admin privileges and unshared server resources. This means that you get a stable and reliable server for all your needs.

VPS servers give one value for their money. It is also secure and saves one trouble with its reliability.

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