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What Is Website Builder And Why Does It Matter?

Every day new websites are being created. Everyone is migrating their businesses online. Well, today’s article is about website builder and why does it matter.

It’s always important to have an open mind, especially when choosing an alternative way of creating a website.

It has become easy and fast to create a website. Besides, there is also flexibility and complete control in creation.

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a tool that enables everyone to create, a website. It provides a codeless and design-free environment to create a website.

It is an easy drag and drop tool for creating a website. One doesn’t need to learn how to code or own a computer.

Website builders come in two forms:

1. Online website builders

This kind of site builder enables one to create a website fast using the Internet. This means that all the website files are saved online.

It is safe and flexible; it allows one to work from anywhere. Besides one doesn’t even need to own a personal machine to create a website.

With all that one can create a website and go live within 10 minutes. Also, you can add contributors to your site to help you build.

Offline website builders

Well, this is an in-house builder. This means that one creates their site without the internet from their machine; later upload it when done.

This means that you host your website files on your machine. It is not advisable as one is uncertain of what can happen to your device.

It is a good way though when creation without hurry and don’t have internet into your location.

Is it free?

Website builders come with freemium plans; free and paid plans. This means that creation is free however, to get the best features one needs to subscribe to a plan.

Free plans offer a few options for one to utilize. It always up to the user to check what works and how much value they getting from the payment.

Is a website builder safe?

Yes, they are safe.  Especially the online site builders, you control the website and who and when to access it.

There are many security features different site builders provide. It’s also up to you as the user to implement security measures.

What are the pros and cons of website builders?


  1. Easy to use

Website builders are very navigable; besides they provide the user with a drag and drop element to help one create.

The drag and drop tool enables one to create, edit, publish and also delete elements. It also offers one flexibility in creation.

  1. Flexible

One can work from anywhere. No need to even owning a personal machine since all your files are saved online.

Besides one can also add another contributor to help you in creation. It also offers one the freedom to change the website from anyplace.

  1. Cost-saving

Website builders come with freemium plans. This means it’s easy to create freely and also go live freely. 

Starting a website is everyone’s dream. However, at times it was hard due to the cost of hiring a designer. 

With website builders you own the site; create and tweak your site to your liking without having to spend a dime.

  1. No coding or design skills required

Creation has become freestyle; no need to learning programming languages or take designing classes.

Website builders come with free templates one can use to create their site. They are customized such that you use the drag and drop and your site is done.

  1. Not custom designed

Well, as much as there are free designs; some are not to the user’s preferences. Unlike with coding that one can customize the look.

Sometimes it’s also hard to add your preferences. It limits your own creative designs and can be a disappointment.

  1. Limited pages

Some site builders are only one page; meaning that one cannot add many sites for their website. However, they offer a money-back guarantee.

What should you look for in a good website builder?

  • Ease of use- the purpose of a website builder is to provide an easy platform for the creation of a website. It should be an easy platform that is; has a drag and drop feature.
  • Affordability- well of course with freemium plans, there should also come affordable pricing for all.
  • Social media options- One should be able to share and connect to people through social media.
  • Lots of templates- well as a free site builder it should provide many options to choose from.
  • Responsiveness- one should be able to create without a glitch. It should provide a smooth creation environment.

There are many other reasons one should keep in mind. However,  it’s you to know what you want.

Website builders provide an easy, fast, and user-friendly platform to help everyone create and go live instantly.

Well, why does a website builder matter?

As stated earlier about flexibility; at times one finds themselves on a deadline when it comes to website creation. However, one can always beat this deadline by using a website builder.

Website builders also allow one to enter a custom code; this means you can tweak a few elements that will leave your site looking amazing.

Website builders have come to cut down costs and increase productivity. A few years ago one would have to wait months to have the best website.

It saves time; with barely 10 minutes one can create the best website and go live. Besides you need no plans of hosting because it’s provided.

At OLITT all this is provided for free! One can create and start transacting within 10 minutes and guess what it’s secure too.

OLITT provides FREE SSL certificates for all your sites. 

Features of OLITT:

  1. It’s free!

Creating a website on OLITT is free. One just needs to:

  • Visit the homepage
  • Click on either Create your free website or Get started
  • Choose your template 
  • Continue to register; you can use Gmail or Apple account to sign up
  • After signing in continue to edit your site.
  1. Secure

OLITT provides free SSL certificates that enable your site to be safe. This means it’s safe from malicious people who would want to destroy your site.

  1. Free domain connect

Connecting a custom domain is free! Doesn’t matter where you bought it from Here is Truehost the best service provider for Domains, Hosting, and all your website queries.

  1. Cheap domain names

OLITT offers one a chance to purchase domains. It has customized plans that everyone can use and leave their site looking professional.

Well, now you have an idea of what a website builder is; also you know why it matters. Create and go live instantly with OLITT.

Give your business the boost it needs; get to reach out and perform your transactions online fast and easily.

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