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4 Questions To Ask Before You Buy a Domain Name in South Africa

In this blog post, you will learn what to look for before you buy a domain name in South Africa.

Domain names are essential for any business in the digital age. They provide a sense of identity and they also help people find your website when they search on Google. 

If you want to be successful, it is important that you buy the right domain name from the start. In this blog post, we will go over 4 questions that every entrepreneur needs to ask before buying a domain name for their company!

1).  What kind of name does your company need?

This is the first thing to consider before you buy a domain name in South Africa.

A good domain name should be easy to remember and it also needs to match your company’s brand. 

You can get more specific by choosing a, .com, or .org extension, but you need to make sure that the keywords in your business’ name are available with these domains extensions.

For example;

If you want a technology-related website in South Africa, then it is smart to go for a “.tech” domain because there aren’t any other businesses using this type of TLD right now. 

If something sounds too generic though (i.e., “insurance”), then there may already be an established online presence which means that someone else has bought up all the possible variations on this keyword/name combination!

2). How many words should your business name have?

This is the second thing to consider before you buy a domain name in South Africa.

If you want an easy-to-remember name then it is best if your business’ domain only has one or two words. 

The shorter the better because people will be able to tell what your website/business is all about just from reading its name! 

A great example of a company with a clear and concise online presence is Dropbox (the file-sharing site). 

If someone hears this word, they immediately think of how they can easily share important files with other people on the web. 

It is short, sweet, and memorable which means that most internet users won’t forget it any time soon! 

However, there are also some businesses that use longer names for websites in order to convey additional information about their products and/or services. 

For example;

You may have heard of Walmart or Apple.

Both companies use a combination of words in the names of their websites because they want to convey additional information that isn’t immediately apparent from just looking at the name alone (i.e., “wal mart” is short for “Wal-Mart”). 

In terms of domain names, shorter businesses’ websites typically tend to get more page views and results on search engines compared to longer ones! 

However, this doesn’t mean that all long business websites are less successful than shorter ones; it really comes down to what your company’s individual needs are when it comes to finding an online presence!

3). Is your business targeting a specific country or language?

This is an important question to ask before you buy a domain name in South Africa.

If you want your business website to be more successful then it needs to reach as many people around the world as possible. 

In order for this type of online presence to work, however, you need to make sure that your domain name in South Africa matches both the language and location of its target audience! 

For example;

If you are running a South African company with English-speaking employees/customers then it would not be smart to purchase a .ru (Russian) TLD.


Because most people here in South Africa will have no idea what this means let alone how they can actually find your business website when searching on Google!

It is also important for businesses targeting customers located in other countries should consider purchasing their own country code TLD.

Because these are the web addresses that people will be typing in when they want to access websites with information/products specifically for their area. 

Just like before, if you choose a domain name in South Africa that isn’t related to your company’s product or service then there is no guarantee that website visitors will actually find and engage with it!

With this being said, some businesses decide not to purchase country code domains because of how pricey they can get (i.e., R1000+ per year). 

While international traffic may seem great at first glance, there is also potential loss involved as well.

So only pursue such an option if you truly believe your business could benefit from reaching out across borders on the internet!

4). How much does your domain cost?

This is another important question to ask before you buy a domain name in South Africa.

If you have a specific budget in mind for purchasing your domain name then it is important to find out how much each extension will cost. 

For example;

.com domains are usually the cheapest ones available because they are what most internet users expect to see when looking up business websites online here in South Africa! 

The next step down would be country code TLDs which can range anywhere from R50-R100+ per year depending on where your company’s target audience is located in the world (i.e., “” costs more than “.co”).

The most expensive types of extensions though would be fancier options like “.pizza”, “.ninja”, or anything else that may seem completely random and not related to your company at all! 

The reason these types of domains are so expensive is that they are not as common to see online which means that the people who do own them can charge whatever price they please for domain parking or website hosting.

However, there are some businesses out there that have successfully purchased weirdly named domains and used them to their advantage by turning what could be considered a liability into an asset (i.e., “google” became worth over $100 billion dollars after Google’s founders started using it). 

So there is no guarantee that your company will not be able to do the same thing!

If you aren’t sure if this type of extension would work well with your business then I suggest trying it out on a smaller scale by purchasing a “.ninja”, “.rocks”, etc…domain name from a secondary market.

Before you purchase a new business website, make sure to check out all of your available options and ask yourself whether or not they fit within your price range. 

If two domains are relatively similar in cost but one seems like a much better option then it probably is because some extensions just have more value than others when it comes down to their popularity on search engines and internet browsers!

What to do next

With these questions, you should be ready to buy a domain name in South Africa.

We have the best deals in the market. Visit here to view our pricing plans.

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