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Where to Sell My Art in South Africa: 7 Best Options

As an artist, the journey to finding the perfect avenue to sell your art in South Africa can be as colorful as your creations.

The vibrant art scene of the country offers a plethora of options to showcase and monetize your talents.

From online platforms to brick-and-mortar galleries, the choices are as diverse as the hues on your canvas.

In this guide, we’ll explore the enchanting world of art commerce and provide insights into the myriad ways you can sell your art in South Africa.

PlacePlatform TypeFeaturesAverage Price RangeSpecial Notes
Online MarketplacesDigital PlatformsGlobal reach, ease of setup, diverse audienceRanges varyConsider social media promotion for visibility
Art GalleriesPhysical SpacesCredibility, curated showcases, offline networkingR20,000 – R30,000Research gallery reputation before collaboration
Farmers Markets & Craft FairsLocal EventsPersonal interactions, local charm, direct engagementVariesIdeal for unique, one-of-a-kind creations
Artistic AppsMobile PlatformsTechnology integration, convenience, broader accessibilityRanges varyEmphasize high-quality visuals and descriptions
Niche PlatformsSpecialized Online PlatformsTargeted audience, tailored environmentVariesIdeal for niche or specific art styles
Collaboration with Local BusinessesArt-Business FusionUnique settings, local exposure, diverse audienceVariesEstablish mutually beneficial partnerships
WorkARTOnline Art Selling PlatformCost-free platform, exposure for emerging artistsN/AIdeal for emerging talents
Art Fair ParticipationExhibition EventsNetworking, collector engagement, showcase opportunitiesVariesPrepare for application and display logistics

Note: Price ranges are approximate and may vary based on various factors including artwork type, artist reputation, and market demand.

Always research and adapt your strategy to fit each platform’s requirements and audience.

#1. Online Marketplaces

The digital realm has revolutionized the art market, offering online marketplaces as an exquisite canvas to display your art.

Platforms like Artfinder, Saatchi Art, Fine Art America, and Society 6 provide an opportunity to connect with art enthusiasts across the nation.

You can also establish your own online store or leverage the power of social media to reach your target audience.

#2. Gallery

Art galleries in South Africa remain a timeless haven for art aficionados and artists alike.

Collaborating with established galleries can grant your art physical presence and credibility. Notable names like Goodman Gallery, WHATIFTHEWORLD, and Gallery MOMO are key players in South Africa’s contemporary art scene.

Participating in gallery exhibitions, pop-ups, and offline events can catapult your art into the spotlight and connect you with potential buyers.

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#3. Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs

For a touch of charm and a dash of authenticity, farmers markets and craft fairs beckon.

These bustling events are a tapestry of local craftsmanship and creativity.

Setting up shop amidst fresh produce and artisanal delights can create a unique experience for buyers and provide an avenue to tell your art’s story in person.

#4. Artistic Apps

In the digital age, art and technology dance hand in hand. Apps such as Magnus, Pixapp, BBuzzArt, and Wydr offer innovative channels to showcase and sell your art.

These platforms seamlessly blend creativity with convenience, enabling art lovers to explore and purchase your masterpieces with a swipe.

#5. Niche Platforms

Specialized online art selling platforms like Art Yours and Buy My Art Online cater to a niche audience passionate about art.

These platforms provide a focused environment where your art can resonate deeply with like-minded individuals, enhancing the likelihood of finding the perfect buyer.

#6. Creative Collaborations

The fusion of art and business can yield captivating results.

Collaborating with local businesses such as restaurants, BnBs, guesthouses, wine farms, and coffee shops can introduce your art to a diverse and engaged audience.

Your artwork becomes an integral part of the ambiance, elevating the experience for patrons while giving your art a platform to shine.

#7. WorkART: A Canvas for Emerging Artists

Emerging artists find solace in WorkART, a South African online art selling platform.

Showcasing your art on WorkART comes at no cost, making it an ideal launchpad for budding talents.

This platform champions accessibility and exposure, allowing your art to flourish without the constraints of initial investment.

Art Price Strategy in South Africa

Pricing your art is an art in itself, blending instinct with strategy. Consider factors such as time, materials, and market trends when determining the value of your masterpiece.

Researching the market and understanding the price ranges of similar artworks is essential.

Moreover, factor in your reputation, negotiate sales commissions with galleries, and maintain consistency in your pricing strategy.

Keep your prices flexible, ready to adapt to market fluctuations, and tailored to your target audience.

Remember, pricing is a delicate dance that balances your artistic worth with market demand.

Art Average Price Ranges in South Africa

The average price range for art in South Africa is as diverse as the country itself.

For original artwork by renowned South African artists, prices can range from R20,000 to R30,000.

The South Africa 2018 Wealth Report reveals a 28% rise in fine art prices over the past decade in dollar terms, with Irma Stern’s work fetching up to R30 million per painting.

Artists like Maggie Laubser, Gerard Sekoto, and Hugo Naudé boast paintings that can fetch up to R5 million, R400,000, and R1 million, respectively.

Prints and reproductions offer a more affordable entry point, with framed wall art and canvas prints available for as little as R9.

Your artwork’s style, medium, and reputation factor into the pricing equation, ensuring your masterpiece finds its value in the market.

What are the requirements to sell art at a South African art fair?

Participating in art fairs opens doors to a vibrant community of art enthusiasts and collectors.

To sell your art at a South African art fair, navigate these general requirements:

  1. Application Process: Apply to the art fair by submitting an application form along with images and descriptions of your artwork.
  2. Quality Standards: Your artwork must meet specific quality criteria to be accepted.
  3. Artwork Availability: Ensure you have enough artwork available for display and sale.
  4. Booth Display: Create an enticing booth display to showcase your art effectively.
  5. Fees: Pay a participation fee covering booth costs and marketing expenses.
  6. Sales Commission: Negotiate a sales commission if you make sales during the fair.
  7. Insurance: Insure your artwork while it’s on display.

Remember, each art fair may have unique requirements, so research and preparation are key.

Collaborating with galleries or dealers can simplify the process and provide invaluable guidance.


As you embark on your journey to sell your art in South Africa, remember that each stroke of creativity adds to the tapestry of your artistic odyssey.

Whether you choose the digital realm, the physical gallery space, or the charm of craft fairs, your art holds the power to captivate hearts and adorn spaces.

Price it with care, unveil it with pride, and watch as your creations weave their magic across the canvas of South Africa’s rich artistic landscape.

The opportunities are as boundless as your imagination—so go ahead, let your art find its rightful place in the world.

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